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We are hoping to have a new year lunch at the Malt Shovel on Thursday 13th January 2022 from 2pm onwards.   As in previous years it will be a buffet and quiz . The cost will be £23 per person. This has always been a popular event and we need a minimum of 30 people. 

If you are interested, please let Jackie know by 21st November.

We will let you know payment details later. 


Any queries contact Jackie on 07596 669090

Members working on the green
Week beginning 4th October 2021 in preparation for the
2022 Season, coring the green, topsoil and reseeding.

We have started the hollow Tining of the green but got rained off.
Subject the weather conditions we will carry on with the tining
Monday morning.
For this we would ask for volunteers to come and help?
Ladies and Gentlemen welcome. 

The work will consist of sweeping and cleaning up after the machine.
We have 2 shovels and 3 sweeping brushes at the club but if you bring
any with you it would be fine.

Photo: Roy Wood

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Photo: Roy Wood

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Prostate Cancer Charity Event  Held at
Hesketh Park Bowls Club 25th August 2021

A Charity Bowls event was held for invited local bowls clubs

to raise funds for Prostate Cancer UK.

The clubs invited were:
Peninsula, Gravesend, Empire, OGF, Manor House, Northfleet, Halls, Woodlands, & Kent Police and 3 Teams from Hesketh Park

A spider was held before the game started and the winner was
Hugh Neale from Hesketh Park.

Vic Emson President of Hesketh Park organised the event with help
from John Nicholls (Fixture Secretary) who invited the visiting teams.

The two teams that reached the final were Kent Police v Gravesend
and Gravesend Won.

Thank you to Barbara Emson, Vicky Lewing, Diane Wood, & Gina King, for supplying superb refreshments with extra help from visiting Barnsley lass Sandra (Roy’s sister)    Thank you to Dave & Sue for their help. 


  A Big Thank you to all the clubs that attended. 

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The event organisers Vic & Barbara Emson

Prostate Trophy

DSCF1314 small.jpg

Catering helpers Diane,
Vicky, Barbara, & Sandra

DSCF1312 small.jpg

Donations from
Members & Friends for
the raffle

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Ladies Entertaining Men

 22nd August 2021

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This was the day the Ladies Entertained the Men and
played bowls.
The Ladies were short of a player, so

''Old Speckled Hen Bowls Club''
sent along
Petra Hardstone
to help the Ladies out.
Not sure if Petra will be playing

any more games.

Petra Hardstone on loan from

''Old Speckled Hen Bowls Club''

This event was organised by Joan & David Bassett
to raise funds for the Macmillan Cancer Support.


Pauline Griffin the Ladies captain arranged the bowls game and
the Ladies Singles Trophy was won this year by Barbara Emson.


Thank you to the Male bowlers who came along to mark for the game.

Thanks to Pauline Griffin for all the items of knitting that she made.

An amazing cream tea for the players and friends was served after the game.

A big thank you to Joan & David and all the wonderful ladies that helped in the kitchen to make this event so special.

Money raised so far £450.00.

For Ladies Friday 20th August 2021

DSCF1301 small.jpg

Joan Bassett presenting Barbara Emson
with the Macmillan Singles Trophy

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Induction to Bowls Etiquette for new Bowlers

 26th July 2021

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and Etiquette
of Playing Bowls


It was a good turn out for our new bowlers who were instructed by
Vic Emson with Hesketh members helping out it was a good afternoon. 

Thank you to Vic for organising this event.

Hesketh Park Bowling Club Hosted the

Kent 3rd Place Play off
Senior Ladies 4s Semi's & Final

Sunday 25th July 2021

20210725_120549 crop.jpg
20210725_120534 crop.jpg

HPBC President Vic Emson

New Bowler Roll-Up Induction 26th July 2021

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bowls measure.jpg

All new bowlers are invited to attend the above on
Monday 26th July 2021 Roll-Up.

The session will provide you with all you need to know about Bowls Etiquette on the Green, from rink set-up through to marking, dress code and all the

"do's and don'ts" of bowling. 


Vic has been able to get printed copies of bowls etiquette

to keep as a reference guide.


There is no need to reply or sign-up for this
just be at the clubhouse by 12:30pm on Monday 26th July 2021.


This is open to existing members that would benefit from a reminder.

On 17th July 2021 Hesketh Park

played away at Winget Bowls Club

One of the Teams scored a maximum of 8 shots
in a single end, and now are in the


Hot Shot crop.jpg

Pauline Griffin, Fred Atkins,

Dave Tutton and Mike Goulding

Hesketh Park Bowling Club

Hosted the

Kent Division Two

Finals Day 

Sunday 4th July 2021

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DSCF1261 small.jpg
DSCF1257 small.jpg

Photo: Roy Wood

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Two of Hesketh Park Ladies took part, Sue Tutton & Barbara Emson
Sue won her game but Barbara was not so lucky.

Thanks to Hesketh Park Ladies who supplied refreshments
for the players and visitors.

All Winners from Division 2 will progress to Semi-Finals
to be held at MILTON REGIS BC on
Saturday 31st July 2021

Thanks are expressed to Hesketh Park Bowling Club
for the use of their green and facilities.

Hon. Kent Divisional Secretary
Mrs Lorraine Paramor

Fred Bridger 2 Woods Singles

Sunday 6th June 2021

Fred Bridger photo.jpg

Barbara Emson and Sue Tutton will play on 29th August 2021 Finals Day.

Bowls england open day.png

Hesketh Park Open Day

Maybe some new bowlers who attended
our open day on 
Sunday 30th May 2021 in the lovely sunshine.


Photo: Roy Wood

Reg Butcher Drive

Saturday 24th April 2021

Well done to Eddie for the best score in the drive and to Liz who got her wood nearest the silver jack and walked away with a bottle of whisky donated by Richard and Jackie. 

Thanks to Richard for organising this event.

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