Reg Butcher Drive

 Saturday 23rd April 2022

Reg Butcher Winner Paul Challis

March 2022

20220423133834_IMG_0845 crop group.jpg

Roy Wood Club President rolled a Silver Jack to

open the Green for the start of the new season.

20220423134051_IMG_0862 crop.jpg

President Roy Wood

Welcoming Captain Dave Tutton
to the Green for the new 2022 season.

20220423134234_IMG_0870 crop.jpg

Photos Stuart Pointer

A Spider was held and the winner was
Albert Lidbury he was closest to the Jack.

Hesketh Park would like to thank
Vice-Captain Pauline Griffin for her generous gift
of new comfortable chairs to the bowls club.

Thank you Pauline

Chairs 14th March 2022.jpg
DSCF1399 chairs 2022.jpg
Dianes Planter jpeg.jpg


Roy Wood

Christmas Get Together 2021

The above was attended by 21 club members on the Sunday, this was a good attendance
bearing in mind the concerns with Omicron.

Arrow Riding Centre Logo.JPG

After the costs of the food and Mulled wine, it left the club with £80 profit.


Also, the giant Christmas card signing donations amounted to £42:40,
which is being donated to the Arrow Riding Centre.
They provide young people and adults with special needs to work with and ride horses. 

It is a volunteer-based charity located in Dartford, Kent.
Their team of qualified coaches work with their physiotherapists to develop tailor-made programmes for each of the riders, helping them to unlock their potential on and off the horse.


A very worthwhile local charity.

Ladies Entertaining Men

 22nd August 2021

New bowler.jpg

This was the day the Ladies Entertained the Men and
played bowls.
The Ladies were short of a player, so

''Old Speckled Hen Bowls Club''
sent along
Petra Hardstone
to help the Ladies out.
Not sure if Petra will be playing

any more games.

Petra Hardstone on loan from

''Old Speckled Hen Bowls Club''

Induction to Bowls Etiquette for new Bowlers

 26th July 2021

vic 1 crop.jpg
vic 2 crop.jpg
vic 3 crop.jpg

and Etiquette
of Playing Bowls


It was a good turn out for our new bowlers who were instructed by
Vic Emson with Hesketh members helping out it was a good afternoon. 

Thank you to Vic for organising this event.

Photo: Roy Wood

Photo: Roy Wood

HPBC President Vic Emson

New Bowler Roll-Up Induction 26th July 2021

behind the Jack.jpg
bowls measure.jpg

All new bowlers are invited to attend the above on
Monday 26th July 2021 Roll-Up.

The session will provide you with all you need to know about Bowls Etiquette on the Green, from rink set-up through to marking, dress code and all the

"do's and don'ts" of bowling. 


Vic has been able to get printed copies of bowls etiquette

to keep as a reference guide.


There is no need to reply or sign-up for this
just be at the clubhouse by 12:30pm on Monday 26th July 2021.


This is open to existing members that would benefit from a reminder.

On 17th July 2021 Hesketh Park

played away at Winget Bowls Club

One of the Teams scored a maximum of 8 shots
in a single end, and now are in the


Hot Shot crop.jpg

Pauline Griffin, Fred Atkins,

Dave Tutton and Mike Goulding